‘In youth and beauty, wisdom is but rare.’ (Homer)

Already in adolescence, a person’s face begins to show expressiveness. Over the years, life experience becomes legible. Covering the traces of one’s own life, blurring them, however, are just as legitimate today as trying to seemingly restore lost youth through surgical intervention. Smooth surfaces have become the ideal.

The large-format photographs show these deep traces of life. In the midst, that contrasting, ever so youthful gaze. Still awake, focusing on the viewer and does not let go.

Parts of the Gaze series have been exhibited in Seoul, Amsterdam, Florence, Hamburg, Vienna.

“Gaze No. 9” has been selected for the 7th Art Biennale 2017 Beijing (Biennale Foundation) and was added to the Collection of NAMOC (National Art Museum of China)

Gaze No. 9

Gaze No. 11

Gaze No. 12

Gaze No. 17

Gaze No. 1

Gaze No. 32