Tobias Gambaro, photographer, visual artist, media consultant. Lives and works in Zug/Switzerland and Heraklion/Greece.

Born in Hamburg/Germany. Childhood in Kenya. Studied architecture in Vienna/Austria. Early photographic section lines – the father lets him participate soon to your own photo reportage work and the preparation of the photo processing lab. However, out of this youg years imprint he developed his very own point of view in the photographic documentation of his environment.

The approach and the confrontation with humans, whom he perceives and scans, remains important motivation. Formal and structural images form another major focus of his photographic works. They also reflect the recovered vision as an former architect and designer.

Exhibitions inter alia, in Austria, Germany, China, South Korea, Netherland, Italy.

Wetplate shot by Dino Zigutamve Rekanovic/Wiener Alchemisten, 2019

Artist Statement

Photography is true copying, it is illustration. The illustration of reality, the reality in context and its change in it. The illustration of a presentation, the capability of telling a story, of inspiring. Inspiration, creating new imagination.

Photography is contact and approach. Photography is an encounter.

Photography can touch your heart. It can enlarge horizons, and not only the photographer’s, but also the viewer’s. Photography is allowed to be powerful and also to show weakness.

This is my point of seeing, my claim, my demand.